AutoCAD Drafting Project Services include:

Residential & Light Commercial construction documents sets
including floor plans, elevations, sections & details.

Site survey / building & house measure.

Landscaping drawings:
As-Built drawings.

Transfer hand drawn hard copies or Adobe pdf's to CAD.

Interior Design documents.

Recreation, Park & Sportsfield project layouts.

Retail, Educational, High Rise & Large Commercial drawings.

Kitchen & Bath design.
J-CAD Drafting, LLC
Freelance CAD Drafting & Design

For building department filing requirements, the work performed by
J-CAD Drafting is supervised by Gibbons Engineering, which is
located in Tarrytown, NY. James Gibbons, President of Gibbons
Engineering, is a highly educated New York State professional
engineer who will is able to sign & stamp all drawings/plans for
building department filing, but not before an intensive review &
evaluation of the projected work shown & designed.

Building permit prepared drawings:

Legalization of non permitted construction:

Engineering drawings: