John Madyda, founder of J-CAD Drafting LLC, is a professional certified
draftsman with 1
5 years experience in using AutoCAD software and has
technical certifications in drafting. Also, John has a comprehensive work
background that includes CAD drafting experience with residential /
commercial projects and knowledge of construction methods, details, and
code requirements. Additionally, John has years of coordinating working
drawings with licensed engineers and architects while working for several
Architectural & Engineering firms in Westchester County, N.Y. Using the
tools of telecommunication, the services of J-CAD Drafting are readily
available by phone, efax or email. Throughout the Northeast area including
MA, CT, NY, NJ & PA, many companies and individuals looking to find a CAD
drafting solution to their heavy workload problems has been solved by
hiring J-CAD Drafting. Lastly, John is currently working toward becoming a
Certified Professional Building Designer.
J-CAD Drafting, LLC
Freelance CAD Drafting & Design